Kampala Pharmaceutical Industries (1996) Ltd (KPI) is part of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) which is a group of development agencies working in economic, social and cultural development, primarily in Asia and Africa.KPI falls under the Aga Khan Fund for Development (AKFED) particularly, the Industrial Promotion Service’s group of companies whose focus is to support the economic development of local industry.


Kampala Pharmaceutical Industries (1996) Ltd is the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in Uganda employing around 300 employees. We are centrally located in the capital city of Kampala from where we supply our products to all parts of the country and export to the East African region.

We are manufacturers of essential, quality medicines in a range of therapeutic areas such as analgesics, antibiotics, antimalaria, anti-parasitics, cold & remedies, anti-diabetic, cardiovascular drugs, anti-asthma, tropicals and many others. The company has a range of over 70 registered products in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, and Rwanda.